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About Me


Hey guys!

My name is Hannah! I’m nineteen years old and a college student at Louisiana State University. I am currently studying biology and not totally sure where I’m going to go with that. I’m thinking that the “study of life” will leave me with a few pretty good options. :) …Especially and hopefully options that will let me travel and make a difference in my community and my world!

I’ve been in the kitchen cooking and baking with my mom since I was a little girl, but I started venturing out into the baking world on my own when I was about twelve. I have always felt so much fulfillment from seeing others enjoy what I make/bake/cook!

Through the years I became extremely interested in health and fitness. I started to try more real foods that nourish the human body instead of processed “foods” that are chemically created just to be pleasing to the tongue. So I began baking things that were nutritious, natural, AND delicious. And I really enjoy it!

My goal is to make delicious treats that everyone will enjoy. So of course I will always and forever make the classic “sweet” treats that have the good ole sugar and butter simply because everyone will always love those! And hey, a little extra sugar and butter are ok everyone now and then! But more than often I will be experimenting with less sugar and more healthy fats, so maybe “yummy” and “healthy” can become friends.

So that leaves me where I am today – experimenting with new recipes that I find, creating my own concoctions, and testing new treats on anyone who is willing and empty-tummied.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy!

Hannah December


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